Our Company

Our Company

Founded in Sept 2001, we are a 100% North American owned company with our headquarters located in Aurora, Ontario, Canada. We own and operate our manufacturing facility located in Bangalore, India. We manufacture precision castings, precision machined parts and assemblies. Our customers include several Fortune 500 companies, ranging from major defense contractors to automotive OEMs.

While most of the work is done at our India operation, in some instances, final machining, coating and final inspection is done in Ontario, Canada. The headquarters in Canada serve as our customer support centre, warehouse and logistics facility.

Almost two decades of continuous improvements have enabled us to become a recognized supplier of precision machined parts and assemblies. Working with clients in industries such as Automotive, Aerospace, Mining, Medical, Telecom and Defense has required us to establish performance standards at the highest level of excellence.

We engage in various projects that have difficult design and manufacturing challenges. Our highly experienced team of engineers, designers and prototype developers consistently deliver design and manufacturing solutions that exceed our client’s expectations. We apply lean principles throughout every aspect of the process, eliminating waste and maximizing operational efficiency.

Our Vision is to be the “Supplier of choice” to select customers in precision manufacturing.

SAS Precision Head office in Ontario, Canada

We service a wide range of industries:

  1. Automotive
  2. Telecom
  3. Aerospace
  4. Defense
  5. Mining
  6. Medical